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Our capable team is dedicated to maximising the entire global study experience for emerging youths and their families. Through our efforts, we support the family to grow as a unit to gain a distinctive Chinese stand in the international context in the 21st century.

Our services

“In this hustle culture, when it comes to education, what should I require of my child? Where is the boundary between spoil and stern? How shall I handle the communication with the next generation?” These common questions arise in many families, and just like many other questions in our life, the solution is normally “cross the river by feeling the stone”. However, while most of us are generally busy with various things and have only been nurturing for the first time in life, the education aspect might not always be “under control”.

Luckily, Private Family Education Office is here to help.

Private Family Education Office

Inspired by Family Office, a professional consultant team that evolves around the family to turn current capital into meaningful endeavours in the future, the Private Family Education Office, or PFEO, brings this concept into the education field and is aiming to provide a long-term, comprehensive, yet family-specific one-stop education service to every family.

Individual Education Plan

BeGo's IEP is a personalized educational support service developed according to the student's knowledge level, personality traits, interests, study habits, and other individual characteristics and actual needs. In the planning process, we start from multiple dimensions to truly improve the student's abilities in a substantial way.

Application Service

BeGo's Application Services includes preparing and establishing a personal application file, planning school selection, submitting the application and providing post-application services, and providing final school selection recommendations.
This process eliminates complexity and confusion,
helps you reach your dream school directly.

5 Aspects
that distinguish us

WE SIZE the opportuniity

Without confusion and negligence, BeGo’s team possess the knowledge and information base to weigh the global education system from both macro and detailed perspectives. We assist you with a study plan tailored to his/her potential.

WE HELP kids to find and strengthen their weak points

Through our daily monitoring and analysis of his/her study, we are able to find out the weak point and arrange quality individual-specific education support, enhance overall performance and reach for the dream schools!

WE HAVE the connection with key decision-makers in the industry

With ten years of deep cultivation, we have established a good interpersonal network, connecting many important decision-makers in the education industry. We always leverage this net for better services towards our clients’ needs.

WE BUILD your kid(s)’ own education social circle

PFEO will assist you in the multi rounds of communication regarding numerous topics among schools and teachers. We will build and maintain the relationship as well as report to you the key information. Meanwhile, PFEO preserves your privacy: we will make sure that this “Growth File” of your kids can be only allowed access to certain aspects by a limited number of people.

WE PROVIDE professional long-term services

Private Family Education Office is not a one-off purchase but a one-stop station. We grow with your kid(s) together in this journey. Based on our knowledge and the experience we have with the particular individual, rather than solving a problem, we prevent it and discover the “internal power” along the way - Be Empowered, Go Beyond!

What's New & BeGo's View

BeGo always pays attention to hot news in the education industry and provides unique comments and interpretations. We help you grasp the key points in the fragmented sea of information and focus on the main topics.

Exciting events with BeGo Education
Mini-master workshop at Chao Art Centre

Meet our team

BeGo Education team is comprised of outstanding members with years of domestic and international experience, as well as high-quality and proactive domestic and foreign trainers/coaches.

Our diverse multicultural and bilingual consulting team leverages their expertise and best practices in education consulting and international education systems to ensure that all communication is reasonable, valuable, and practical.

By harnessing the power of senior consulting advisors or trainers in different fields, the BeGo team can match the most suitable and high-end resources according to the different needs of clients, better fulfilling BeGo Education's service mission.

In-house team
External Support
Our founder and CEO - Gaston Chee

As a graduate of the University of Warwick, Gaston Chee began his entrepreneurial journey in 2010 by co-founding BeGo Education.

Is “Successfully studying abroad” enough?

BeGo Education helps you to plan the education journey and maximise the experiences.

About BeGo

BeGo - short for ‘Be Empowered, Go Beyond’ – is a brand wholly owned by LC Venture, an investment holding company registered in England and Wales.

Founded in 2010, BeGo Education is a bespoke education consultancy company which offers unique and customised services assisting predominantly local Chinese families to find an international education pathway that suits their children. Our vision is to empower the next generation to become world changers in positions of influence and have a sense of purpose bigger than themselves.

I have always believed that education should teach people how to face life, because its greatest significance is not in how much knowledge it gives you, but in whether it can teach you how to turn knowledge into action. This kind of education is the wealth of a lifetime, and no one can take it away from you.
Gaston Chee
Founder and CEO

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