Our services

According to the current situation of the student, BeGo makes tailored study plan that is best and most appropriate for him or her.

BeGo Education is on the education journey with you

The core of our services is "maximising the international study experiences", around it there are three main sections.

Private Family Education Office - Individual Education Plan - Application Services


Private Family Education Office

Inspired by Family Office, a professional consultant team that evolves around the family to turn current capital into meaningful endeavours in the future, the Private Family Education Office, or PFEO, brings this concept into the education field and is aiming to provide a long-term, comprehensive, yet family-specific one-stop education service to every family.

Individual Education Plan

BeGo's IEP is a personalized educational support service developed according to the student's knowledge level, personality traits, interests, study habits, and other individual characteristics and actual needs. In the planning process, we start from multiple dimensions to truly improve the student's abilities in a substantial way.


Application Service

BeGo's Application Services includes preparing and establishing a personal application file, planning school selection, submitting the application and providing post-application services, and providing final school selection recommendations. We eliminate complexity and confusion, help you reach your dream school directly.

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